Top Truck Voting 2019

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the voting has begun in Four Wheeler Magazine‘s Top Truck Challenge. The question is, how do you decide which rigs are worthy of your vote?

If none of your buddies or guys from your off road club have been nominated, then the next obvious choice is to pick the guy who has a rig most like yours. If you’re a Samurai guy, you might pick number 29, David George.  Maybe you pick the guy who’s rig redefines ridiculous, like #36, just because you’ve got to see how that thing handles! You won’t be voting on any tube buggies like the one pictured on the right. Buggies like the one owned by last year’s competitor Ron George are not allowed in this year.

Our household has a serious thing for Toyotas. Since we’ve had numerous 4Runner and pickup builds of our own, my pick is #7,  Jon Bommarito. By the looks of his Toyota, he goes big or goes home. This guy isn’t afraid of the skinny petal, or afraid to get dirty! Whoever you pick, you only have until March 30 get your hands on a copy of the April edition of Four Wheeler Magazine and get your ballot back to them!