Trail-Gear – Longfield Super Axles

Trail-Gear Longfield Super Axles Land Rover Defender 110

December 10th, 2013: Fresno, CA: Trail-Gear, Inc. announces the recent acquisition of “Longfield Super Axles.” As they welcome the “Longfield” brand into the Trail-Gear family, they are excited to continue and carry on this legendary product line.  Tina Long – “I know that the acquisition of Longfield Super Axles by Trail-Gear will come as a shock for the off-road community. As you all know it has been a little over a year since the passing of Bobby. I promised that I would run the company for a year. This company was Bobby’s dream, a dream that I supported. During this year I have found that it is getting harder and harder to run Longfield without him here to help me. Matt has always been good to Bobby and I and always supported the Longfield brand. I feel that he will take care of the legacy that Bobby has put in place. He has assured me the warranty will stay in place and remain the same. I look forward to seeing how far Trail-Gear will take Longfield Super Axles.”  Matthew Messer – “The Long family has been friendly competitors in the market for years and it is a great honor to take over the Longfield brand and continue to lead in the Toyota market making it our flagship birfield axle brand” The acquisition creates a unique opportunity for Trail-Gear to serve a much larger global market. Combining the expertise of both companies will greatly contribute towards expanding our product offering in the axle market. All birfields and axle sets will now carry the Longfield name. The Dirty 30 brand and the Longfield brand will be offered until the transition of products and brands are complete.